Research Projects

1. Hybrid μEDM based machining and characterization research for generating micro features including μ-channels & μ-holes upto 200μ sizes on hard to machine materials including Super Alloys (Inconel) and Ceramics-composite (TiN-Al2O3) for μ-Heat Exchangers and μ-Heat Reactors applications. Funded by DST (SERB) and Institute research Grant.

Associated Students: Dr. Deepak R. Unune, Ms. Nancy Choudhary , Ms. Rupali Baghel, Mr. Siddhartha Kumar Singh, and Mr. Vivek Baghela.

2. Experimental and Numerical Investigation on the Mechanical and Ballistic Behaviour of Woven Textile Composites including monolithic and Hybrid fabrics. Funded by DRDO and TEQIP Phase (II&III).

Associated Students: Dr Anurag Dixit, Ms. Pragati Priyanka and Mr. Rachit Umer.

3. Internal and external finishing of complicated surfaces including dies, 3D printer nozzle, Glass Mold and Micro-channels etc. with Abrasive flow Machining System (both one way-Labs development and two way). Funded by DST (SERB) and Institute research Grant.

Associated Students: Dr. Jaikishan, Mr. Jugal Kishore Patidar, Mr. Divyanshu Gupta, Mr. Siddhartha K. Singh

4. Characterization and Machinability Study of Rajasthan’s Marble Stone for Sustainable Processing. Funded by DRDO and TEQIP Phase (II&III).

Associated Students: Rohit Choudhary, Mr. Bhargava P. Pathri

5. Grinding of flat and thin walled cylindrical surfaces with Abrasive Electro Discharge Diamond Grinding (AEDDG) and Hybrid Centreless Grinding machine including by use of sustainable dielectric fluids. Funded by DRDO and TEQIP Phase (II&III).

Associated Students: Mr. Sandeep Tiwari, Mr. Vijay Pratap Singh, Mr. Nitesh Kr. Singh, Mr. Mahendra  Singh  Shekhawat.

6. Machinability study of various materials including with cryogenic cooling on Milling and Turning with Force Measurement using Kistler® Funded by DRDO and TEQIP Phase (II&III).

Associated Students: Mr. Pawan Sahu, Mr. Arjun Yadav, Mr. Deepanshu Singh.

7. Design and development of various low cost orthosis and prosthesis using contemporary technologies. Funded by NSF, USA (in collaboration with the OSU and the CSU) and Autodesk® India Ltd..

Associated Students: Mr. Priyanshu Singh, Mr. Aniket Singh, Mr. Jitendra Jaisawal, Mr. Hemraj Bairwa, Mr. Dhiraj Kumar Rouniyar, Mr. Abinash Kumar Gupta,  Mr. Shivendra Vasistha,

8. Mechatronnics based Undergraduate Student Projects including Smart Crop Protection System, Multipurpose prambag, Innovative solar system cooking, LPG cylinder carrier, Smart Stone Cutter etc.. A Student Club called CAM Society is also run in the lab. Funded by DRDO and TEQIP Phase (II&III).